About Me

Why "MouseBrat"?


On a Friday afternoon in September of 1997, the 19th specifically, my dad asked me a question that would define my online identity for the foreseeable future. That question was "What do you want your email address to be?" I was horribly unprepared for this question and quickly cobbled together two words that I could come up with quickly based on my personality and the nearest object I could find that was to be my tool for exploring the universe of The Internet. To spice it up, I added the year I would be 21 because when you're a 12 year old kid living with conservative parents, the idea of being legally able to drink has a dangerous appeal. I obviously did not mention this reason for choosing that year to my dad. I made it all seem very random. I'm not sure I that really fooled him. But either way, he sat down and booted up AOL to the tune of the squawking modem sounds so iconic to early access to the internet. 

After a few mouse clicks, he was entering "mousebrat2006" into the new user form. I was elated. I had broken into the world of the internet. I was never going to be the same ever again. These days I've dropped the "2006", where I can, since crossing that milestone in my life is old news at this point. It also seems to encourage the idea that I graduated high school that year. I've tried several times to escape the moniker I gave myself over fifteen years ago with no success. This most recent reboot of my website has prompted a full embrace of the handle and it will bring a cohesion to the site and the various social media profiles I maintain around the universe that is The Internet. With all of that explained, let's move on to what you can come to expect when you see "MouseBrat" come up in your Google search.

Fun Facts

  • I am geek with nerd tendencies.
  • I escaped Wyoming and moved to Colorado. I recently escaped Colorado and moved to NYC.
  • I am in a romantic relationship with coffee and my iPhone. It's complicated.
  • I am a child of the 90's and Britney will always be my princess.
  • I am constantly striving to implement and improve on my life's philosophy of "no expectations, no apologies, no regrets".
  • I find pizza and beer to be the perfect dinner date despite what my current eating habits are.
  • I've been a bartender, IT tech, lawn care kid, barista, book peddler, sandwich maker, and social media guru to name only a few.
  • I use words like "guru".
  • I've been using "I" at the start of each item in this list and just now realized it.
  • You have likely noticed that I think of myself as a comedian with a good sense of humor.
  • You will have to just wait and see if you're right.